Copycat Star Crunch Cookies

The closest thing to a homemade Little Debbie star crunch cookie! Chewy, sticky, and chocolatey! This small batch of star crunch cookies will bring back those childhood memories of your favorite chewy cookie. With only 5 ingredients you’ll have these made in no time.

Mini Marshmallows Salted Caramel Bits Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Unsalted Butter Rice Krispy Cereal


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Making a star crunch cookie

To a large pot or dutch oven add unsalted butter, mini marshmallows, caramel bits, and chocolate chips.


making a star crunch cookie

On medium-high heat, melt the ingredients, stirring occasionally.


making a star crunch cookie

Once everything is melted and combined, pour in the Rice Krispy cereal. Start mixing immediately coating every bit in the melted chocolate caramel mixture.


making a star crunch cookie

Remove from heat, and while still hot use a large cookie scoop to place piles of the mixture on parchment paper. Press flat and allow to cool before eating.


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