Orange, Grapefruit, & Ginger Ale Punch


Delicious Mocktails

Prep Time: 10 Min


4 cups Orange juice 3 cups Tangerine juice 1 cup Grapefruit juice 1 liter Ginger Ale Ginger syrup, to taste

Step 1

Juice the Oranges.

Approx: 12 Oranges

Step 2

Juice the Grapefruits.

Approx: 2 Grapefruits

Step 3

Juice the Tangerines.

Approx: 18 Tangerines

Step 4

Add all of the juices and the Ginger syrup to a punch bowl. Stir to incorporate the Ginger syrup.

Step 5

Add 1 liter of Ginger Ale. Your favorite Ginger Ale works best. The Michigan girl in me uses Vernors!

Step 6

Add ice and sliced fruit to your punch bowl. Looks beautiful!

Step 7

Pour into chilled or iced glasses. Garnish with a citrus wedge ๐ŸŠ

A bright and refreshing mocktail punch, perfect for a summer BBQ, bridal party, or even a baby shower. Enjoy!