Questions & Answers about Cream Cheese

How long can i let cream cheese sit out?

No more than 2 hours of room temperature exposure.

Is my cream cheese spoiled?

Visual cues are a good way to show you signs of spoilage: -Cracked and dry -Slimy texture -Patches of discoloration

how long can you keep cream cheese after its expiration date?

For opened packages: You can keep them refrigerated for 1-2 weeks after the printed sell-by date.

how do i soften cream cheese quickly?

Hot water bath method: Fill a bowl with very warm water and place the cream cheese in its foil wrapper in the water for approximately 10 minutes until soft

how should i store cream cheese?

Can it be frozen? Freezing cream cheese that comes in tubs is not a great idea because of its creamy texture

Philadelphia cream cheese isn’t made in Pennsylvania, it’s made in New York.