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Welcome to my baking journey! Entirely inspired by the comfort the Great British Baking Show gives me, and the desire to be that grandma. In the VERY distant future of course! 

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I am a stay-at-home mama to my 3 kiddos Ash (15), Spencer (13), and Lilly (1). I enjoy painting, crafting, camping, walking, fitness, FOOD, gaming, and comedy.

We have a love for the nerdy in our household. I am recently married to my fellow guardian whom I met playing Destiny 1 back in 2014. I’m pretty sure Bungie is responsible for many marriages happening this way actually. Together we have a love for gaming, movies & eating!! We’ve been known to have dessert and an after-dinner coffee more often than not.

I am SO excited to start this journey by leveling up my baking skills and sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way! Easy or difficult, I plan to take on the challenge. Sharing the kitchen with my little family and hope they don’t mind the mess. The results will surely be worth it!

Maybe I’ll inspire one of you to start baking as well. You might wish I could hand out samples through the screen! So I’m inviting you to follow me on this adventure, try some sweet treats inspired by my family, and find those feel-good flavors and memory-making recipes for them to revisit in the future!

A little about me..

Hi, I’m April!

I completed high school in 2005 and went on to get my associate’s degree in Business Management. While life started to happen and my biggest littles were born. I was blessed enough to be able to stay at home with them until they started middle school. Life was happening once again and I found myself needing to find a job. I was a bank teller for 3 years after that! I loved it and I miss it often.

Guess what! Life started happening again and I had another beautiful baby girl with my new husband. I am a stay-at-home mama once more and finally finding that thing that fills my cup. I truly enjoy creating, making, and sharing my recipes with you. Learning new things and meeting so many lovely people along the way.

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